Saturday, April 27, 2013

taking HOUSE cleaning to a new level.

I stand amazed at how dirty a house gets over the winter.  It just so happens that our upcoming Graduation Party will be OUTSIDE (Lord willing) so yesterday Mike cleaned the OUTSIDE of our house.  He found a great contraption at our local hardware store: a brush head on a long broom type handle that attaches to the garden hose!  You can brush the surfaces while water blasts and rinses.  Our goal initially was to just clean the back (east) side of the house where the party refreshments will be set up - but Mike ended going around the whole house!  I did help.  He handed the hose-broom contraption up to me and I cleaned the upstairs balconies.

Cleaning is exhausting work, but so very satisfying the next day.  (The day after that it is probably dirty again - ha.)

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