Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the house is painted!

It is exciting to have the exterior of our grand old house painted, and its grandeur restored.  The colors are exactly what I wanted and I am happy to just stand & stare.  Want to know a secret? I love driving by it whenever I am crossing town.

The painters started this big exterior project the same week that we started our radiation treatments.  And six weeks later they put the finishing touching on within an hour of Mike completing his last treatment.  (I am not making this up.) Our painters did an amazing job scraping, caulking, prepping and painting - and I would like to take this time to thank Josh, Nips, Damian, Chad, JJ, Bev and Larry for their EXCELLENT work.

dave at work.


Master Carpenter, Dave Grimm is currently finishing out the trim around the doors and windows upstairs, and trimming out the new closets with base boards.  I am also showing you his brilliant solution to our basement cave door.  What a a beautiful change!

mike's projects.

Mike's projects have slowed at the house considerably since the radiation treatments have taken their toll, but he still loves to tackle projects and finds it "energy-giving".  He has been working on insulating the attic with great detail and care.  (Too dark up there to photograph.) He recently removed two layers of flooring on the master bedroom balcony, so Dave can replace the floor.  And he is currently working to repair the veneer on our grand front door.  We are thankful he has the house to keep his mind off of radiation.