Friday, April 22, 2011

big day at the big house.

Today Nathaniel "Slick" Dixon and a large crew poured the concrete for the basement floor. This is a big step because now the plumbing and electrial guys can move in and do their things. Mike oversaw the job as "project manager" and assured me that he did not push, pull or lift more than 10 pounds. I know that isn't true, but I know he was very careful. (He is very eager to be able to assume full work duty post-surgery after Dr. Haughey gives him the OK in several weeks.)

the original kitchen window's new home.

I was adamant about keeping the beautiful diamond-paned original kitchen window in the new kitchen plans. As hard as architect Gary Bishop tried to keep it, I eventually understood that keeping it greatly restricted the amount of counter space that we would enjoy. I also realized that a newer window would function more efficiently in that high-use area of the kitchen.

I am happy to say that I am even more excited about our "alternate plan" for this window. We sized the new window above the master bath tub to inset the old kitchen window. We found the perfect new home for that amazing window. (I can't wait to look through it while taking a bath and savor the thought that we saved it after all...)

the mudroom entrance.

As you know, Mike tore off the old rickety porch because it was so dilapidated, but we are re-building it as an entrance porch. Excavation for the new porch foundation is almost complete. I think that this useful entrance "mudroom" will be one of our favorite parts of the house when it is finished!

weeks 6 and 7.

While Mike was in the hospital in St. Louis, Carpenter Dave did some work out of town for his daughter. Work over the past couple weeks included:

- Excavating basement floor to prepare for 4 inch concrete floor / installing rebar for grounding

-Kitchen wall & ceiling framing

-Set new windows in kitchen and one in each bathroom

Sunday, April 3, 2011

week 5.

Master Carpenter, Dave Grimm:

-Started moving kitchen doorway (which will expand our counter space in the kitchen)

-Installed joint hangers to downstairs bathroom ceiling

-Furred out downstairs bathroom wall

-Coordinated fabrication of basement columns with Brehmer Mfg.

-Framed up upstairs HVAC closet in Karen's office

-Framed up tub & shower seat in master bathroom; added window header

House Mouse, Mike Blanc:

-Filled sewer line trench AND removed that huge pile of dirt

-Installed new basement columns (for correct placement in new laundry room)

We are heading to St. Louis this week for Mike's cancer surgery. (More details on Week 6 & Week 7 will be combined and coming soon!