Friday, August 3, 2012

my love affair with pottery barn.

It is true.  I love all things Pottery Barn.  Love their classic designs.  Love their quality. (Have you ever compared a light fixture with a PB light fixture? Love the no-plastic-parts.)  Love the 5% cash back on purchases with your PB card.  Love the helpful people in the wonderful Omaha store. 

It also helps me make decisions.  If Pottery Barn featured it, chances are it is in vogue and will be fashionable for some time.  They have done the research.  This makes my purchases less risky.  I also appreciate that everything coordinates from season to season and even year to year. I also love the catalogs. What a great resource for inspiration, creativity and decorating ideas.

I like finding one store and being a loyal customer.  Just FYI, I purchase 90% of my clothing at JCrew and hate mall shopping. I like one-stop shopping.  Thank you Pottery Barn!

 Needlework design by yours truly.  House numbers by Pottery Barn.

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